Vehicle Repair Service

Terms & Conditions: Customers are responsible for removing important and personal items from their vehicle as repair work may sometimes be performed by multiple technicians and or repair shops. Management is not responsible for loss of property or damage to vehicles. Customers are also responsible for securing their means of payment including communicating with the insurance company if necessary or completing financing requirements & procedures. By signing, you also agree that we can repossess your vehicle in event of defaulting payment or nonpayment (customer will pay for towing and storage in event of repossession of vehicle for balance due). Mechanic lien may apply where necessary. Your vehicle meets state reg requirements & authorizes us to operate it on streets, highways or elsewhere for testing, inspection, completion of driving cycle, and reliability. No exceptions: Customers must return the loaner car before delivery of their repaired vehicle. In case of damage to loaner car, customer is fully responsible for the repairs or their insurance company if applicable. All Arrangements must be made for the repairs of the loaner car and any other vehicles involved before the customer's vehicle is delivered to him or her. In the event of a loaner car or any other concerned vehicle is totaled, full restitution for the concerned vehicle would be required, including but not limited to all cost of acquiring a replacement vehicle and if any, outstanding finance balance. No vehicle release without full payment of bill, repairs or replacement of loaner car and any other concerned vehicles if applicable. This form serves the purpose of a vehicle repair service contract and if applicable a loaner car agreement. No additional paperwork would be required to obtain a loaner but for providing your insurance policy if covering the loaner through your insurance. By submitting this form, you agree to all the terms and conditions, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy outlined on this form and website footer.

Please print a copy of this completed form for your records before submitting.

Vehicle Repair Service Form